E. W. Barton-Wright, circa 1900, used his knowledge of martial arts to devise a system of self-defence which would enable a Victorian gentleman to dispatch a ruffian. At the time his concept was quite a success and was even adopted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's celebrated sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

Since then, many western teachers have based their self-defence techniques upon the practice of martial arts and, as we all know, most martial arts are indeed a fantastic method of fending off an attacker. However, there are some drawbacks to relying upon martial arts for your self-preservation. First and foremost, they only really come in handy once you're already being attacked and most of us would really like to avoid being in that situation altogether. Also, to gain a reasonable level of competence in a martial art takes years of practice and dedication. To master a martial art can take a lifetime! For many people that kind of commitment is just not possible and they need to learn something that is simple, practical and effective which will allow them to carry on their lives without the fear of violent interference. Finally, one very rarely has the opportunity to properly "pressure test" their martial arts training. Sport martial arts are almost always tested in controlled environments, with rules and referees. Only in real-life, violent confrontations can you ascertain whether your training will hold up under pressure and by then you need to KNOW you can function properly and remember the techniques you have learned.

 Who IS The Bulletman?

 The Bulletman was originally devised by the creators of FAST Defence, a self-protection system specifically designed to test your ability to function in times of fear and stress (FAST is an acronym for "Fear Adrenal Stress Testing"). It comprises of a specially designed suit worn by our instructors, that can take full power strikes to the appropriate target, giving the course attendee a truly unique opportunity to really try out the techniques they have been taught. 


But our courses offer much more than just physical self-defence...

Complete Self-Protection Training 

While the Bulletman is a valuable tool and is probably the part of our course that most people talk about, the majority of our work involves how to avoid violent confrontation in the first place. This is why we refer to self-protection as opposed to merely self-defence. We work with course members on developing:
  • Awareness - how to notice what is going on around you, identify potential threats or deteriorating situations and avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Appearance - by which we mean how "not to look like a victim". Using body language, spatial awareness, eye contact and hand gestures to convey an air of confidence and deter aggressors.
  • Conflict Resolution - how to talk a situation down, rather than escalate it, while maintaining an authoritative position. How to deal with different levels of verbal harassment and match them without inviting a physical attack.
  • Verbal De-escalation - using your voice as a weapon. Fending off a would-be attacker before the need for physical self-defence arises.
 Of course, if all else fails, our course will arm you with the necessary techniques to quickly deter an attack. And you will KNOW that they work, because you will have tried them out on the Bulletman. There is no need to join a martial arts programme to take part in one of our courses. Simply register your interest using the enquiry form on the "CONTACT US" page and we will contact you when the next course is running so you can book your place. There are no fitness requirements, no martial arts suits, no bowing or complicated moves to remember, just sound, quality advice and techniques that will stay with you for life... 
Don't be surprised if you come away from the course feeling like you're suddenly six inches taller!


Group Bookings

Our course is available to other groups and organisations, including other Martial Arts Clubs. Groups wishing to run a course for their members please feel free to contact us. All you need is a suitable venue and between 12 and 20 candidates. No experience necessary.



"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very informative and hands on. Would definitely attend another course." -- Tamsin, course attendee

"A very interesting and useful  course. Help to deal with agressive and difficult  people in a stressful situation. Would recommend." -- Paulina, course attendee

"Great team building course, thoroughly enjoyed. Well done Peter!" -- Ged, Company Director (booked our course for his employees)

"A fun course that taught how to handle difficult confrontations or physical attacks. Would recommend." -- Tracey, course attendee

"A very enjoyable course, with the added element of fun and a great touch with the "sumo" suits. I found the course very useful and great for everyone" -- Danny, course attendee