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About Brit Spirit Martial Arts

Established in 2010, we began teaching Taekwon-do and Little Dragons classes in Tavistock, Devon. Kickboxing classes were soon added and our club grew in size and popularity as we earned a reputation for thorough, high quality teaching. Our students regularly attained credits, merits and distinctions in their grading tests and consistently brought home the medals in local, regional and national competitions.

In 2012, with plans to open new clubs in the surrounding areas, and following the success of the 2012 Olympics, we changed our name to Brit Spirit Martial Arts (www.britspirit.co.uk). By 2015 we had already guided six students to the level of first degree black belt, we had produced gold medal competition winners at both local and National level and had helped train three world champions! 2015 also saw Brit Spirit's Chief Instructor, Peter Smith, inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame for his dedication within the martial arts.We were honoured once again in 2017 when we received an Industry Award from the UK Martial Arts Show, the nation's foremost Martial Arts Expo. By 2020, having been established for 10 years, Brit Spirit Martial Arts had been awarded no fewer than five National Industry Awards and had been instrumental in producing six World Champion Athletes.

The advent of Covid-19 and a global pandemic has obviously been a setback for all clubs and particularly for those involved in contact sports. However, through innovation and resilience, we managed to deliver training throughout the lockdown period and now, in a Covid safe environment, we continue to grow our club and look forward to the future, constantly adapting to the challenges we meet… we’d love you to be part of our future!

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