Reasons to learn kickboxing...

•          Fantastic increase in fitness levels

•          Safe, effective training and instruction

•          Improvement in flexibility

•          Stress Relief

•          Gain confidence and self esteem

•          Learn self defence skills

•          and much more!...

In modern times kickboxing has become a very popular way of quickly improving fitness and having a great workout.  Kickboxing can be considered a hybrid martial art formed from the combination of elements of various traditional styles. Brit Spirit teaches kickboxing based upon both our heritage in Taekwon-do and the style and training methods employed by the former undisputed, undefeated World Kickboxing Champion, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (Bill Wallace retired as the undefeated Middleweight Champion in June 1980 after an illustrious 15-year career in tournament and full contact fighting).


This results in a powerful kickboxing system called the "Superfoot System", a thoroughly researched and proven syllabus devised by a World Champion athlete, guaranteeing a thorough workout, greater flexibility and improved fitness.

With Brit Spirit you'll learn genuine Kickboxing skills and techniques in a safe and friendly environment. We fully believe that learning proper technique is the foundation upon which the student can build real skills and learn their art. As with all our classes, you can choose your own path.


Many of our Kickboxers come to keep fit, learn some self-defence techniques and just enjoy themselves amongst like-minded friends. For those that wish to, we have a specific Superfoot System syllabus and belt grading system that can take you up to black belt and beyond. Should you desire to go all the way, we have the pathway and the contacts to take you to local, regional, national and even world success in the competition circuit... but you'll have to work hard for it!