Little Dragons

Brit Spirit Little Dragons is a programme of Martial Arts based FUN for 4 to 6 year olds. These unique classes follow a tried and tested formula designed to cater specifically for the needs of this age group, giving them the very best start in life. The classes are 30 or 35 minutes long, as this is the optimum attention span for younger children and are designed to challenge, motivate and develop their life skills. Our key objectives are to instil confidence, discipline, fitness, focus...


and FUN!

Through this programme, your child will become brighter, fitter and most of all will have lots of fun. The classes are structured to stimulate and educate your child, while preparing them for the step up to the junior Taekwon-do class. Little Dragons are rewarded every step of the way, with awards and mini gradings, just like the Taekwon-do students.  Little Dragons will soon be proud of their achievements, which means that their parents will be too.

Gradings will take place approximately every three months.  There are eight themes, which are:

Stranger Awareness    Balance    Co-ordination    Exercise   

Emergency Skills    Memory    Listening    Discipline

The grading will concentrate on the theme that your child has been working on during the previous twelve week period.  This is done on a rolling basis, so if a child starts at four, they will complete all eight before they join the junior Taekwon-do class, the grading after they are six.

Little Dragons have a belt system, the same as the grown-up classes and can also receive certificates for:


School Work    Certificates Outside School    Helping Out At Home   

Helping Others    Showing Respect To Others    Eating Healthily & Exercising

Brit Spirit Martial Arts is an officially designated Learning Destination for the Children's University.            


Your child will have fun while learning valuable life skills in the safest of hands (all of our classes are run by fully qualified, insured, CRB checked and fully Child Protection compliant instructors) as well as meeting lots of new playmates along the way!

Feel free to pop in and have a chat at any of our classes. Remember, the first two weeks training are free so your child can join in the fun and see if they like it before you commit to anything!